Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Bijou Journal-An Update

Programming for Matinee at the Bijou is getting underway. Producers are preparing for talks with major studios that control much of America’s cinematic heritage. Collaborating with Hollywood studios to program the Bijou matinees on PBS ensures ultimate authenticity in recreating the memorable movie experiences of the 1930s, 40s, and 50s. Access to a full spectrum of films makes Matinee at the Bijou a perpetual cinematic time machine, delivering as many matinees as ever there were.

Our search for sponsors continues. Sponsors of Matinee at the Bijou hosted by Debbie Reynolds can impact their targets through a robust benefits package with an abundance of recognition in traditional and emerging media, including: HD Broadcast, HD Home Video, VOD, Websites, Blogs, Ring Tones, electronic Playbills and Newsletters and live, fan events. Stay tuned!

This month, producers are contacting PBS programmers across the country to inform them of the return of the series. We’re asking PBS member stations to sign-on for the return of Matinee at the Bijou early - and play a proactive role in obtaining series’ sponsorship. We’ll keep you posted as they do. Bijou fans can help by contacting your local PBS station and asking for their early support in bringing back the series. Please call.


Anonymous said...

What's the ststus of this show? There has not been an update to the blog since 2/6/07. Is BIJOU going to be broadcast this fall? I talked to my local PBS station and they know nothing about the broadcast of the program.

Brian said...

My local PBS refuses to show "Matinee at the Bijou"....(WTVS Detroit)....I thought I read somewhere that they were thinking about putting it on DVD.....for people like me, I hope you do.

P.S. WTVS isn't getting one more red cent from me until they show "Matinee at the Bijou".